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What do you want to be

when you grow up?

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Mary Lou Rodgers wanted to be a movie star!

She practiced being interviewed by Johnny Carson (The Tonight Show...yeah, she’s old), telling him all about her rise to fame! She also wanted to be a nun, a Catholic Nun, with a veil and prayer beads, but she eventually realized that it might be a little too restrictive.

One thing Mary Lou never wanted to be was an ALCOHOLIC. She never dreamed of sitting in “the rooms” having to say out loud over and over “I’m Mary Lou, and I am an alcoholic.” Although being Irish Catholic might have given her a hint of her genetic lineage towards alcoholism, it was the same Irish Catholicism that had her wanting to be a nun! The truth was, Mary Lou had been given up for adoption at birth, so she had no medical history and no way to know that alcoholism indeed was in her birth family. Mary Lou didn’t seek help, nor did she want help for her drinking. She instead created lots of wreckage around her and uncovered more than enough proof that she indeed had an allergy to alcohol.

Sobriety for Mary Lou began at the age of 48. She had many failed attempts at getting and staying sober, and finally just before turning a HALF CENTURY old, it clicked. She got desperate and willing. She was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

And today - recovery is her passion! As a Life Coach, Recovery Coach, and a CCAP Alcohol and Drug Counselor she wanted to combine her years of self development with the humility and understanding that sobriety gave her. After several failed attempts at treatment, what finally worked for her was sober living. She moved out of her grand estate and into a home where she had roommates, had to do chores, and had to develop the humbleness required to stay clean and sober ONE DAY AT A TIME! The rest of her story is the foundational pieces for Ohana College Area. Ohana Recovery Residences started in Encinitas in 2018 and quickly gained respect and success as a luxury sober living home exclusively for women. COVID caused a pause in all business development, yet as 2021 began to gain speed the opportunity that presented itself in San Diego was a great fit for Mary Lou to continue her work with young women who are just starting their adult lives.


Tayler hall
director of residence

When Tayler was a little girl, she wanted to walk the runways as a Victoria's Secret angel! Having fun is part of Tayler's genetic make up. If she's not having fun, she doesn't want to do it! Growing up, feeling her feelings was NOT fun, so Tayler found alcohol and other things to mask what was going on inside of her. What she found was a whole new world. She no longer felt small, shy, or insecure. With her newfound liquid courage, she became confident, social, and the life of the party.


After drinking and using for nearly 16 years, Tayler found herself in a very lonely and isolated place. She was no longer having fun, but rather surviving. After several failed attempts at remaining sober on her own, she finally moved into a Sober Living. This is where Tayler's authenticity and healing came to fruition.


Sober since November 25, 2017, Tayler's life is full beyond her wildest dreams. With the help of her Higher Power and fellow sisters in sobriety, she has learned tools to help her come home to herself rather than running away.